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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Glengarry Bhoys in Kansas City

Folk roots band Glengarry Bhoys, from Ontario in Canada, of Scots Irish background, play Kansas City May 17, in the middle of a long and already hugely successful tour where they have sold out dozens of venues from New England to the Midwest.

The new CD Mill Sessions was released two months ago to immediate record sales. It is available from their website. When you go there do make sure to visit the Roadkill section.

Frontman Graham Wright from Scotland is known to not be a fan of the term 'Celtic Rock' being applied to the Bhoys, and if you listen to just the four pieces of music from Mill Sessions on their recently opened MySpace account you'll hear the variety of roots music that Glengarry Bhoys play. Folk, Country, French-Canadian, Highland pipes.

They're not a rock band basically. What they are is at times highly energetic as well as soft, and drawing from the traditional music forms that pepper Canada, Glengarry Bhoys are an excellent ensemble of musical talent and tradition with a modern twist.

Some live music and interviews from only last month can be heard on Buffalo Live Music Podcast. The first 'title unknown' is She Moved Through the Fair, with wonderful new member Miranda Mulholland on vocals, which then moves into Lanigan's Ball. If the Bhoys played 'Celtic Rock' that would've been The Belfast Child.

The Record Bar in Westport on Wednesday at 9pm is your chance to put your hands in the air and clap.


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