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Friday, May 12, 2006

Beamish Stays in Kansas City

If you move in the circles I move in, you don't go anywhere. Recently there was beertalk in Kansas City, of Beamish, Newcastle Brown Ale, and McEwans Ale no longer being distributed in the city. I do hear that is still the case, except that an arrangement has surfaced to keep Beamish distributed here.

That's great news for people who drink Beamish, for people who specifically don't drink Beamish, and for people who can't tell the difference between Beamish and Guinness. If you're in the last group, don't ever describe Beamish as 'like Guinness, but cheaper'

That would be like me saying that you are like your sister, but cheaper. See, suddenly nobody's happy. Beamish is the most decorated stout in the world for winning awards. It doesn't win them for being cheap. Try it. And if you like it, drink it, and shut up about it. If you don't, well Kansas City makes its own stout you know.

I don't drink Beamish because I like not liking things from Cork, and because I CAN tell the difference. If Beamish left Kansas City I would feel sad. If it's not here I can't choose not to drink it, so this is great for democracy, for Irish beers, and for stout.

I once had a friend who delighted in going into Chippers and asking for Quarter-Pounders and Cheese, but without Beans. Given that Chippers didn't sell beans, this invariably brought the reply that they didn't have any beans.
-Okay, I'll have a Quarter-Pounder and Cheese without Peas then


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