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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grant McLennan Dies

Wherever you play music in the world, if you create strong songs that are conservative and typically guitar-based, then you're likely to make a lot of friends in Ireland.

That's why punk, dance, and jungle would take off much quicker in England than Ireland, as we take a bit longer to stray from our traditional roots.

And that's why the Finn brothers, Chris Rea, and David Gray have been so big in Ireland. So it was with Australia's Go-Betweens and Grant McLennan. I only saw them once, but it was gorgeous and memorable.

I'm a little late with the sad news of Grant's death last weekend, but McLennan dying at only 48 is a little early. And I'm not as far behind as I was on Ivor Cutler.

If you're unfamiliar with McLennan's songs and music, Kansas City's Happy In Bag shares the solo song Surround Me on his music blog, There Stands The Glass.

Irish Poet and screenwriter Patrick Chapman has penned a poem in tribute. And you know we like our Irish poets, even if some in Kansas don't


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