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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Riverdance current tour to end in KC

Riverdance has commenced its 2006 Tour of America, and first reactions are coming in of performances in Texas. Ashley Hanisko in Fort Worth was not overly impressed:
Although the dancers were impressive, the singers were not. They seemed tired or mad at each other. Their voices were high-pitched and lifeless, like a shy choirgirl practicing in front of the class.
In Orange, TX the show received a better reaction, at least from the participants:
Melissa Convery, dance captain of the Riverdance, said, The audience the first night we performed here was fantastic. Probably one of the best audiences we have ever performed in front of
Convery, said the Riverdance American tour would wrap up in Kansas City, MO. That end in KC is scheduled to take place from June 27 - July 02, at the Starlight Theatre.

This month is the 10th anniversary of Riverdance's debut in the US, though it's twelve years since those first few minutes called Riverdance thundered onto our TV screens in the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest.

I was babysitting in Dublin that night and within minutes of Riverdance ending the telephones of Ireland started ringing, causing some to believe it was the very moment that kick-started Ireland's Celtic-Tiger economy boom. For me though it just meant I could never again look at a long line of female dancers do a sideways shimmy without my tongue going all funny.


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