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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lordi Lordi Me

Thanks to technology I've just watched live in Kansas City, the 51st Eurovision Song contest, and as I suggested they would, Finland have won, with the rocked-up ridiculous costumed, Lordi.

Ireland came 10th, I think, with Brian Kennedy's over-earnest schmaltzy ballad, and gave their maximum points to the winning Finnish entry, Hard Rock Hallelujah, and their second most points to Lithuania, which was a funnier entry by a bunch of men in business suits singing about how they were the winners of Eurovision.

To be honest the winning entry Lordi is hardly death metal, and if you can get past the Lord of the Rings Ork costumes and actually listen to the song, you can hear a standard Eurovision piece of pap, just slightly rocked up.

As ever the best fun is in the voting, which you can predict if you have any knowledge of European geography coupled with a sense of humour.

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