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Friday, May 12, 2006

Irish Conversation in a Dublin Pub #8

-He's not here?
-No, and he won't be happy
-Why not?
-We're not inside
-At least we're at the right side of the bar
-Doesn't matter. We're not sitting in there; he won't be a happy man I tell you
-He's good that way. Knows what he wants and doesn't take much less. Very single-minded. I like that
-Yeah, and he always gets his way, the fecker. Oh I tell ya, he'll be upset

-Jeez lads, what the feck are are yehs doin' here?
-No seats inside. Is this not alright then?
-Ah no, it's okay, it's just I feel a bit...ya know? I'll just go and check
-He's not happy
-I told ya
-No lads, it's packed in there. Feck it
-Here, look, take my stool. I keep getting knocked anyway. I think I'm in the chicane
-Ah no, you're alright. Jeez, you're always havin' trouble with chicanes

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