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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Aggro! Cork picks a fight with Dublin

Mischievous Mulley dares to throw the sainted syllables of Bono at all Dubs in an audacious aggravation of Irish blogging wars.

A Dub called names by a Corkman, names like 'Yank', fires up all kinds of things. Like the kettle. Now if he'd called me names like Sandra or Philomena, that wouldn't be so bad. Or Dympna even. Among the things I miss I'd forgotten I miss how annoying Cork people can be.

That said, the video Damien linked to, courtesy of United Irelander, of a drunk dancing to Jamaican music in the Dublin of today, makes me more homesick than say, rain, or Hoffenpurpenburger Day.

For the last month I've been listening to The Hoppers, courtesy of The Peoples Republic of Cork. Days on the Mardyke is a song worthy enough that the great John Spillane has covered it live. People of Kansas City, enjoy what Cork gives to the world while I go digging up my Sultans of Ping FC album, like.

Handy Irish Phrase: Cas a bheadadh súil agat a fháil ó bhó ach preab   (What would you expect from a cow but a kick)


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