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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No Irish in Top 20 Greatest Rock Heroes

The current edition of NME has published its list as voted by its readers, of the greatest rock heroes of all time. Headed by a dead Kurt Cobain, the top twenty includes no Irish Rock heroes. We'll have do do up an IrishKC list of such heroes so.

But then again, since you know the truth of FAIQ #5, you could well say that in fact rock heroes Morrissey (#3), Liam Gallagher (#4), and Noel Gallagher (#7) are in fact Irish. And since The Smiths were the greatest Irish band since The Beatles, you can include John Lennon (#19) in there too.

Oh, and despite Pete Doherty's (#2) love of Tony Hancock, we'll take him obviously. Hey, self destructive poet with an Irish name? Come on. Oh and Joe Strummer (#13) fronted The Pogues when Shane quit, so there's another. And Bob Dylan (#16) reworked Dominic Behan's Patriot Game to be With God On Our Side, so that's probably a half.


To see the complete list of the top 50, see the current edition of the NME


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