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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Irish President in Denver

You remember last weekend when I was telling you that Mary McAleese was visiting the US, that she was my favourite President of Ireland?

Well that was because, like I told you when she visited Montana, she says things like that she wouldn't expect special treatment for the undocumented Irish - over and above undocumented latinos, for example.

Well, the night before last, in Colorado, whilst expressing gratitude for the US being a major contributor to both peace and prosperity in Ireland, aware that more than 55,000 Americans work for Irish companies today, she said:
We also are very proud of the fact that we have become major investors in the United States

She hoped to encourage more economic teamwork speaking today at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Yet, she said, there's a certain price to be paid for the kind of prosperity we enjoy today

McAleese, 54, is concerned with one of the greatest challenges we face how fast- changing societies full of time- starved two-worker families can maintain cherished traditions
And that's another reason why Mary McAleese is my favourite Irish President.


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