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Friday, May 19, 2006

The BBC Shakes the Barley

And finally the BBC offers us its commentary on Ken Loach's film about the original Irish Troubles, though no sign of Mairtin yet.

I've been following reporter Darren Waters' blog from the Cannes Film Festival and he was impressed calling it a stirring, powerful piece of cinema:
It was typical Loach - one-eyed, for sure, but filled with such energy and wonderful performances that an audience can overlook its lack of balance.
The press conference that followed was even more passionate - intense, emotional, political. It was the polar opposite of Wednesday's unintentionally hilarious Da Vinci Code press conference
In that press conference, on why the film matters in 2006:
Loach says the story of the origins of the Irish conflict is one not fully heard in Great Britain. We hear a lot about what is happening in the north but we have very little context for it.

It is never part of the story where the conflict comes from. The origin goes back centuries because Ireland was our first colony
Interestingly the article claims that The Wind That Shakes The Barley will not be released in North America.

Have you ever noticed bodhran cases? They're perfect size for carrying three reels of film - a standard feature length movie. Hard to believe Mairtin woudn't bring his bodhran to Kansas City for a certain Irish Festival.

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