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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Irish Poetry on St Patrick's Eve

The first time I heard Paul Muldoon read one of his poems, I jumped on the bus into town (Dublin) and bought The Annals of Chile.

Since then Muldoon has won the Pulitzer Prize, was Profesor of Poetry at Oxford for five years, and his tenth collection of poetry, Horse Latitudes, is due for publication later this year.

As part of the latest event in Rockhurst University’s Midwest Poets Series, Muldoon, a professor at Princeton, will read from his works in Mabee Theater, Sedgwick Hall, on the Rockhurst campus, 54th and Troost, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday March 16. So if you fancy something different than the St Pats Eve Party at Harlings...

But does he rhyme? you ask. Well, how would you answer that question if somebody asked you if Seuss rhymes?

Back in the day, albeit briefly, Muldoon was taught by Seamas Heaney at Queen's University Belfast. As well as the Pulitzer some recent honours make a scary list:
A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, an American Academy of Arts and Letters award in literature, the 1994 T. S. Eliot Prize, the 1997 Irish Times Poetry Prize, the 2003 Griffin International Prize for Excellence in Poetry, the 2004 American Ireland Fund Literary Award, the 2004 Shakespeare Prize, and the 2005 Aspen Prize for Poetry.

And he plays in a band! - rackett


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