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Monday, March 13, 2006

ReVerse Engineering

I was invited to participate in tonight's inaugural KC Irish Fest Monthly Trivia competition at ReVerse on the Plaza. Along with the usual suspects of news, history and pop culture, etc., there's also talk of some questions specifically relating to Kansas City's Irish Fest.

As I was for several years until recently, the Festival committee member responsible for the IrishFest website, I feel my participation would be, maybe technically not a conflict of interest any more but nonetheless, patently unfair. Especially with prizes and a place in the final at September's Festival at stake.

As he was last year, George Vial from Donegal is the man asking the trivia questions, and it remains to be seen if this monthly Irish Trivia contest can match the success of the weekly Trivia Riot at The Brick, and Trivia Clash at the Record Bar


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