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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

St Pat's Breakfast At Stumpys

St Patrick's Day is a very traditional day for many in Kansas City, and often very personal. People do things, with friends or alone, they've done for years, sometimes with those who are no longer with us. It usually means an early start. And later they turn their brains to mush.
May 28 Celtic Block Party at Governor Stumpy's
I spoke with Jeremy of Governor Stumpy's and he told me they were opening at 6am on Paddy's Day for breakfast. They'll be having a live remote from Q104 also, and they do have one of the best decks in town. A good way to avoid the Madness in Midtown (no offence Kyle), though breafast at 6am is a touch on the mad side if you ask me.

Ideal to start there and then stroll along Gregory to catch the Max to the Parade maybe, or stay in Waldo for Lew's Irish Hooley.


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