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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snow Patrol Start North American Tour

Snow Patrol started a 20-date North American tour last night in Denver.

Eyes Open, the follow-up to the hugely succesful Final Straw album, came out earlier this month opening at No. 1 in the British charts. It was recorded in a cottage in Dingle, Eddie Delahunt's old stomping ground, and I'm all out of stomping jokes. But Kate Bush previously stomped, I mean recorded, in that cottage too.

So what? Well it's a very strong album. It almost seems too good. I like my angst-ridden romance to slant more to the angst side than the romance. That said, in six months the world might well be saying, Coldplay? Who the hell are they?

Snow Patrol are not scheduled to come to Kansas City or Lawrence, as far as I know, but they are scheduled to play Marley Park in Dublin when I'm scheduled to be at home, so ha-ha, I can go, you can't. Unless you're reading this in Dublin.

I was reading recently about a version of John Lennon track Isolation they recorded as part of an Amnesty campaign to raise awareness of the problems facing war-torn Sudan, so be aware. According to the Belfast Telegraph however, you won't catch Snow Patrol writing any political songs about Northern Ireland:
Snow Patrol have revealed that the only song they would ever be tempted to write about Northern Ireland would be a football anthem. The band, who are all supporters of the Northern Ireland football team, said they would consider penning a song for the squad if they reached the World Cup
Gerry Armstrong and 1982 seems so long ago - although not as long ago as Big Pat being able to do nothing about Josimar in 1986.

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At 6:20 PM, Bruno said...

Bullshit! So KC misses out on another great show... Here's to hoping for some late scheduling... it happens!


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