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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Irish Singer First to Launch Mobile Album

An Irish singer-songwriter from Kilkenny, Majella Murphy, has become the first artist to launch an entire album exclusively on a mobile phone. It must mean either U2 fell asleep listening to their iPods, or Bono is in Africa.

Majella has pre-loaded her debut album Brave New World onto the Sony Ericsson Z530i, which will be made available exclusively from O2 Ireland. Both Sony Ericsson and O2 are understandably tickled by their association with this technological development:
This marks an exciting time for the collaboration of music and mobile phones. Partnering with mobile technology provides a vital opportunity for gifted artists such as Majella to connect with audiences in new and more immediate ways
Majella Murphy's music is a kind of thoughtful pop, which means she's a singer-songwriter with a producer from America.

And what is a Z530i when it's at home? I'm told it's one of those clamshell camera phones with music player and PC connectivity no less. I miss vinyl. You could hold music when it was vinyl, just like you could hold a woman, or a you could hold a sandal.


At 3:31 AM, steve said...

Hi.... this is Majella Murphy here.. in the flesh! or should I really say "on the web! LOL" it is an exciting time for me... I'm just browsing at the moment, but hoepefully I will get to play in your town, hang out in some of your joints, and in general have an almighty laugh!

mwas to you all,


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