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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Irish Attention for Johnson County Soccer

Aother reason why the Wizards should hurry up and move across the State Line, is that soon the people of Johnson County will be watching other species play soccer, if the Kansas City Wizards don't get their act together.

I used to work on a racecourse in Ireland, where it's impossible not to love the horses. And in England and Ireland I've attended thousands of professional soccer games, where things go beyond love. However combining those two loves is not something that's ever occurred to me.

Horse soccer has however occurred to a Johnson County ranch, and Irish radio has already done the interview. I'm reminded of Irish sports writer Con Houlihan and how he would refer to elephants dancing. It's not that they do it well, but that they do it at all. I'm reminded of that when I sit at Arrowhead

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