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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Irish Movie Tax Breaks Approved by EC

Speaking of My Left Foot - well okay it was actually Liam Brady's left foot of which we spoke - but nontheless it reminds me that there is good news for the Irish film industry today.

The European Commission has approved Ireland's amended scheme of tax breaks for investors in film production:
The Commission ruled that the Irish scheme, which allows investors to get tax relief on up to 80% of the cost of a single film, or 80% of an investment of up to €35m in film production, complied with single market rules
Although only a tiny number of Irish made films ever actually reach Kansas City, this is still great news for cinema - in a general sense.

Foreign investment in movies in Ireland fell last year to its lowest for almost a decade after eastern European countries offered lower costs and bigger tax incentives. But this year Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been courting India to both reverse the trend and to promote tourism - which is worth even more money.

Famously the Irish government has let the Irish armed forces be used for scenes in both Saving Private Ryan and Braveheart. And scenes for eleven Bollywood movies have been shot in Ireland over the last four years, but these tax breaks should help in the competition for investment with Hungary and Romania.

Handy Irish Phrase: An té nach gcuireann san earrach
ní bhaineann sé san fhómhar
  (Whoever does not plant in the spring does not reap in the fall)

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