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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flogging Molly new DVD: "Whiskey on a Sunday"

Recent visitors to Kansas City, and former Brookside Irish Fest headliners, Flogging Molly are releasing a new documentary on DVD, called Whiskey on a Sunday, on July 25.

It's feature length, and was filmed over two years in seven countries. Although it showcases all seven very individual members of Flogging Molly, Whiskey on a Sunday is essentially about front man from Dublin, Dave King.

Glide Magazine reports that
Throughout the film King pours his heart out about growing up in war-torn Dublin, his father's premature death and his exile in the United States, where he wasn't allowed to return to Ireland to see his mother for eight years.
The last time Dublin was war-torn was during the War of Independence of 1919-21, and the Civil War that shortly followed in 1922-23, which makes Dave King about, oh, ninety or so.


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