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Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Irish Cure for Kansas City

You're not sure about Irish Traditional Music, but you like The Cure. Perhaps like Luka you like Irish music, but you've heard enough of it. You live in Missouri. You like live music. You'd love to see The Cure play a set in an Irish pub in Kansas City, or in McGurk's over St Louis way, but you don't expect Robert and the haircuts to stop by.

Only last night did I say that an Irish Trad band, in fact a specific Irish Trad band, known and loved by Kansas City, should play Cure songs. The Caterpillar and Lovecats stand out as obvious relatively early tracks, and Friday I'm in Love could be covered by anybody.

Well lo and behold but they already did. You know our favourite venue, The Tivoli? Yep that one in Brisbane, Australia again that the Hothouse Flowers are playing tomorrow night. Well last year, after the Irish launch of the CD Innocence, (the US launch was a year later) Luka Bloom played the same Tivoli in Brisbane, and he played In Between Days by The Cure.

Will he play it in Kansas City? Will every Irish musician be playing The Cure in Kansas City? Right now you should be even more excited than you were.


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