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Thursday, April 20, 2006

After-Gig Music Session

UPDATE - Possible location change: Final news on this will be announced at the concert.

Kelly from the MVFS has just confirmed what the bould Delahunt told me last night - that after tomorrow night's Roger Landes and Chipper Thompson gig at All Souls Unitarian Church's Bragg Auditorium, there will be a session at, well, Somewhere.

So after watching Roger and Chipper, you are invited to bring along to the after-gig session your instruments, your singing voice, and your dancing feet. You might find Eddie and the boys there too. Oh my. Mouth-watering. Thanks Kelly.

Handy Irish Phrase: Is cuma le fear na mbróg cá gcuireann sé a chos   (The man with boots does not have to worry about where to put his feet)


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