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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The 27th Greatest Song Never To Reach Number One

I didn't forget to tell you about Bob's and Eddie's weekly gigs at them Irish pubs of WJ McBride's and O'Dowd's on the Plaza, this time last night - I've had a bad computer for a week now. Bad computer. You're a very bad computer.

Speaking of computer, too often too many Irish people are credited with not pronouncing either of the 'th' sounds, and not credited with inserting them into words where no such sound exists. Computher is one such word in certain parts of the country.

Spurning unco-operative technology I took sketch pad and pens to O'Dowd's last night to watch Eddie Delahunt, Gabriel Reyes and Brett Gibson perform. Feckers kept moving. Slow-airs are much easier to draw.

One of the things I love about summers in Dublin is cheap mens' clothing shops playing Christmas songs. Well okay there's only one they play in summer. And Eddie and them boys played it last night. If the Brits weren't such a lovesick cheerful lot, the Shane MacGowan lyrics of The Fairytale of New York would've been their favourite all time.

If Shane or Christy or Eddie aren't your Irish cup of tea, give the Irish Tenors remarkable version of this song a lash. You'll find it on We Three Kings.
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