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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Luka Bloom and Christy Moore

I found that review of the Christy Moore gig with brother Luka Bloom in support that I told you about a while back.

It took place in Newbridge, County Kildare in The Keadeen, which is where my school had their debs, round about when Christy last played there. An Irish debs is like a High-School graduation except you give a girl a fancy flower so you can ignore her and drink pints all night. It's when you, or really women, make their debut on society - but I'm sure you can think of other words for it.

Christy's set with Declan Synott and Donal Lunny included Bees Wing:
I heard Richard Thompson singing this song in 1968 and I asked him to give me the words....and he did....last year
Luka's set includes much that was to appear on his current CD Innocence, and you can compare that review with the one in the Allentown Morning Call (scroll) a couple of days back:
I like Irish music, said the 50-year-old singer-songwriter, but I've heard enough of it
Luka certainly seemed to enjoy himself in Pennsylvania:
Bloom lightened things up, saying how the song lifted him up to where he could imagine himself on the set of an Enya video, with Celtic mist rising up over my arse


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