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Friday, March 17, 2006

St Patrick's Day Events Highlights

Ok then. On a day when every pub and its mother has a party, it's time to look at the big picture:

Irish Breakfast: Brownes wins. It's an event, not a meal. 6:30am, Tent, Music, Mayor, Irishman of the Year. If you want a pub and you're straying from your regular haunt, try McBride's, Lew's, the Record Bar, Governor Stumpy's, or O'Quigley's

Parade: 11am-1pm, Grand Blvd, Disney, Big Balloons, Live on KMBC-TV 9, parking, bus

Hoolies: Cream of the Crop - The Elders. Celtic Supergroup, Uptown Theatre, Hometown Gig, 7:30pm, O'Riada Dancers

Worthy Mentions: O'Malley's, Lew's, Record Bar, O'Dowd's, WJMcBride's, Velvet Dog, Westsider


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