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Friday, February 03, 2006

St Patricks Day at O'Dowd's Little Dublin

Live Music, and some of it's Irish:

O'Dowd's Little Dublin On The Plaza

4742 Pennsylvania
March 17

Danny Cox
Flannigin's Right Hook
Eddie Delahunt

O'Dowd's Little Dublin - Zona Rosa

I-29 & Barry Road
March 17

Mike O'Roarke
Danny Cox
Rythym Rockets

That's all we're prepared to divulge - look, nobody's going to be looking at their watches in these mobs, so go, enjoy, and don't drive home.



At 12:07 AM, Anonymous said...

Too sad, no Irish music :(

At 12:17 AM, Scott L from KCK said...

Zona Rosa...Why mess with the tried and true, Irish music in an Irish pub, sounds like something you might want to consider. Food and service is great but the music is way to loud.


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