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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Irish Beers for Paddy's Day Party

If you want some Irish beer for your St Patrick's Day Party but can't decide which to go for, the St Louis Post-Dispatch today has a review of cans and bottles of a range of Irish Beers, available at liquor and grocery stores.

By 'Irish' we're talking native Irish or Irish-Style (beer that drinks itself?) Murphy's, Beamish, Guinness, Harp and Smithwick's are all here, and it includes Kansas City's own Boulevard Irish Ale which scores two and half shamrocks (curiously rendered as asterisks) out of four:
Boulevard Irish Ale (12-ounce bottle, $6.59/six-pack). ** 1/2 Brewed in Kansas City. Moderate head, sweet notes in nose that repeat in the relatively complex flavor.


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