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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Celtic Fringe Float for Parade

I was talking with Kansas City Irish Fest president and current scribe of the KC Irish Fest blog, Dan Regan, at the Brookside St Patrick's Warm-Up Parade on Saturday, and the many-hatted Dan was telling me that the Celtic Fringe are putting the finishing touches to their float this evening. If you're a Fringe-er go help one last time tonight at 5:30pm at 923 Broadway, downtown KC.

Winner of the Mike Murphy Showmanship Award in 2004, and 1st place in the organizations category so many other years, the Celtic Fringe float is always a highlight of Kansas City's St Patrick's Day Parade. I wonder what the Celtic Fringe creative team will conjure up this year- I'm guessing it's not a balloon.


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