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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Th'Gatherin' in Kansas & Irish Poetry

Speaking of Scottish Festivals and Highland Games I was talking yesterday to somebody who attended the rather unique Kansas festival that is Th'Gatherin.

Held out close to Cedar Bluff, near WaKeeney in Kansas, Th' Runnin' O' Th' Fiery Cross (not my words) made an impression, and is not your standard tossing of a whopping big pole kind of game. You know we like our Irish Poetry? Well, rather than click on through from their entrance page, give a listen to the poem they link to (MP3, just over a Meg)

It's actually Irish actor, dishy Patrick Bergin, reading all smouldering. I had to take the headphones off because it was as if he was whispering in me ear. You can find it and three CDs of Irish Poetry read by all kinds of your favourite Irish people on Voices and Poetry of Ireland (A Collection of Ireland's Best-Loved Poetry with Recordings by Ireland's Best-Loved Figures). Thanks to U2 geeks and freaks you can see a full listing here. Suddenly I fancy a glass of whiskey.

As for Th'Gatherin', well I passed on going this year but am now tempted to go next year. Tales From Within also attended and writes up a report of his impressions of a fiery Kansas festival with Irish, Scottish, bikers, and a general interesting mix of people.


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