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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Luka Bloom Sends News

Luka Bloom is in Atlanta and finds a few moments to send word about his current US tour:
A tour such as this is a great privilege. We get to feel the momentum of the journey, to witness spring in different parts of America, and then we get to sing. There is so much to love about America. The nature here is simply breathtaking. And our week in Boulder Colorado was an opportunity to taste a little tiny piece of that. I try on a tour like this, to find a moment to get the breath back, to stop moving. There, we could go for a cycle, sit by a stream, and not be living to a schedule, just for 2 days. And it is a rewarding experience, if too short.... And it is simply a very exciting country to sing in. There is still an incredible love of music and song here; people are deeply committed to their music, and will travel great lengths to experience it. And, they are unbelievably open and gracious in expressing their appreciation of the work.
Read the whole message from Luka right here


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