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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Larry Kirwan Podcast Interview

Celtic Music News Podcast #69 has just been released and the whole podcast is an interview with Larry Kirwan of Black 47

It's a long one, an hour, with just Funky Ceili and a couple of tiny snippets of music - but it's Larry. Always a great interviewee, Larry talks Milton, Joyce, Hemingway, music formats, Theatre, Sean O Riada, songwriting, playing music, modern dance, Miles Davis, Lyrics, Shane MacGowan, New York, set lists, writing books, and lets us know that he's more of bath man than a shower man. He's Irish you see.

Kirwan tells us for Black 47 the next step is an Irish album i.e. take ideas of old songs and write new songs in the traditional Irish way. Larry is rather frustrated with Irish and Celtic musicians who play the same Irish songs all the time when there are thousands of other Irish songs that are better. An album/CD to look forward to immensely.

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Handy Irish Phrase: Chomh fiáin le fia na mbeann   (As wild/untamed as the deer of the mountains)


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