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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Enter The Haggis & Soapbox Heroes - Listen

So I've been listening to some of Enter The Haggis' brand new CD, Soapbox Heroes. Track 3, New Monthly Flavour has been available on MySpace for some time now, and if you like Jethro Tull and early Genesis, the chances are you have an older sister. Get a new sister.

Honestly, Prog Rock might have been progressive in 1973, but in the 21st century it's regressive, so get yourself a new sister. I get one every couple of months.

But anyway, back to Enter the Haggis and Soapbox Heroes, or specifically New Monthly Flavour. I'm getting worried because my favourite parts are the pipes, and you're not supposed to like pipes in rock music. I remember being similarly worried when I found myself liking Freedom by Wham!. Perhaps it's the bus driver

New Monthly Flavour is a big explosive, but polished, celtic sound that ETH are getting better and better at. I'm not really sure how you play a small venue when you have such a big sound, but I guess U2, Led Zeppelin, Runrig, and other bands that make you laugh have managed it.

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