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Friday, April 14, 2006

Largest Titanic Museum Attraction

I once knew a four-year-old boy who knew all the words of Titanic by heart. You needn't try too hard to remember that particular Irish ballad - for yes it's the movie I mean.

In common with many kids who watch movies over and over, this was his comfort blanket several times a day. Watching him recite the three-hour movie as he played with die-cast models was like watching The Omen. I know his parents won't mind me telling you this because he killed them both.

James Cameron famously built a 90% model of the tragic ship for that 1997 movie, which I've never understood. Was he showing off? Look! I can obviously go to 100, but I'm not gonna.

Much more sensible is what Branson has done. They don't half do things well there. A permanent two-story museum attraction shaped like Titanic built half-scale to the original. Hundreds of artifacts in twenty galleries, it's, well, big.

James Cameron’s 26-foot recreation of Titanic’s deteriorating bow section is there, as is too much stuff for me to tell you but some things make me wonder:
You tastefully enter the attraction through an iceberg, the ship/museum is anchored in water to create the illusion of it being at sea in the Ozarks, and you get to sit in a lifeboat and listen to passenger stories of survival.

Also, you are given a passenger boarding ticket when you first enter, and as you leave you find out whether your real actual ticketed passenger survived or perished. Nice.

Although it opened last month, they just finished painting it in time for its destruction Grand Opening last week.


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