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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Black 47: Review of Bittersweet Sixteen

Black 47's current CD Bittersweet Sixteen is reviewed in the Rochester Citynews.

Larry Kirwan's Irish folk rock/soul band that mixes Irish traditional elements with punk, reggae and jazz, hasn't headlined an Irish festival in Kansas City since the Brookside Irish Fest of 2001, but this September are returning to play the Kansas City Irish Fest in Crown Center.

The Bittersweet Sixteen review describes the CD as:
a 16-track retrospective plump with tales of political and romantic turmoil, [that] cements the band’s status as the missing link between U2 and Flogging Molly
Not sure I'd go as far as to credit as much of the current Celtic punk groundswell to Black 47 as this review, since The Pogues are likely the greatest influence in that department, but Black 47 do have the greatest CD cover competition of the moment - ends April 15!

You can listen to Black 47 (free and legal) on their website or their MySpace


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous said...


In most of your blog entries, you create a link to whoever you are talking about EXCEPT the Kansas City Irish Festival. Just wondering why you you claim to promote all things Irish in KC and don't include a link to the Festival, KC's largest Irish event. You even go as far as saying "the Irish festival in Kansas City." I am a volunteer at KCIF and a faithful reader of your blog, but I am confused. Please explain...


At 1:11 PM, Irish KC said...

Thanks Shannon. As this question is largely not related to the post on Black 47, I have responded to it in a separate blog post. I hope it clears up your confusion.


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