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Thursday, April 06, 2006

KC Filmmakers Jubilee : Razor Fish

The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee begins its annual feast of independent film and filmmakers tomorrow, Friday.

Having a look through the Jubilee program, the only film I notice with an Irish connection is the short film (27mins 30secs), Razor Fish directed by Helen Williams.

Razor Fish is set in a small fishing village in Ireland, with Molly, who is in her 60s, confronted with divorce after thirty years of marriage. Academy Award winner Brenda Fricker plays Molly.

Although she's been rather busy since, many people still fondly recall Brenda as the mother of Daniel Day Lewis' Christy Brown in My Left Foot.

Razor Fish is part of the World View Program showing Noon Saturday, Tivoli; and 5 p.m. Monday, Westport CoffeeHouse.

Handy Irish Phrase: Ní féasta go rósta, 'is ní céasta go pósta   (There is no feast like a roast, and no torment like a marriage)

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