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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Seven Nations, or is it Three?

Seven Nations are playing the KC Irish Festival this year, so we'll all get to compare their brand of Bagpipe-infused Celtic Rock with that of those Enter the Haggis upstarts.

If you don't like the bagpipes, except in a parade, a tattoo, or a bathroom during a wedding, but you're strangely attracted to Seven Nations and what they do with their hair, you might want to check out their non-piping rump this weekend.

Crisco (Christian Macelli, drums), Struby (Jim Struble, bass) and Kirk (Kirk McLeod, guitar, vocals) will be jammin with friends at the Dunedin Brewery on Friday night, April 7. It's the night before the Dunedin Highland Games so if you're on the way it's a good opportunity to celebrate Struby's birthday.

Dunedin, the Scottish Capital of Florida is home to the Dunedin Highland Games, which are not to be confused with the Dunedin Celtic Festival held later in the year - and a Festival Seven Nations usually play.

If Florida is not you, then hang on and 7 Nations will be piping it up in Leavenworth, KS and Westport, Kansas City, very soon

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