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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Irish-Argentinian KC Venture

Unless you can walk on water (like Bono for example), the last time you could walk from Ireland to Argentina was in the days of the supercontinent Pangea. Appropriately then, Pangea is the name of a new café and market in Kansas City, opened by a Irish - Argentine team.

Wendy Paden (Irish) and Martin Rudderforth (Argentinian) have combined to create a supercontinental menu from countries all over the world. Lauren Chapin of the KC Star visited recently and enjoyed country-hopping.

Pangea Café and Market is on W. 39th St. close to SW Trafficway, and open 11am-9pm Mon-Thu, and 11am-10pm Fri, Sat. (816) 960-1616.

Handy Irish Phrase: Chíonn beirt rud nach bhfeiceann duine amháin   (Two people see a thing that an individual does not see)


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