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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Irish Cream Ale available in 2 new locations

O'Malley's Irish Pub have announced that their Irish Cream Ale is is now available at two new locations, 12th & Baltimore at the Hotel Phillips and The Peanut in Lee's Summit.

I can't tell you why it's Irish as I haven't had a chance to sink a pint yet, but I suspect it's the nitrogen. We're a great people for the nitrogen.

As more locations are announced they will be on the website.


At 10:37 PM, Aaron Svoboda said...

It is good stuff!!! The Wild Clover Band HIGHLY recommends it!

At 7:41 PM, Tim Sharkey said...

I agree with Aaron. We had a chance to sample it at O'Malley's when we played there in March.


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