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Monday, May 15, 2006

Rounding up the Irish Weekend

Something called Shamrockin' was a great success. From the Tullintrain West Pipe Band to Seven Nations to the Elders. 7N's Kirk MacLeod told me he preferred this new location. You know what they say, One man's Parking Lot is Another Man's Paradise.

Mike Tyson, Baddest Man on the Planet, wants to sing with Irish boy Band Westlife.

Ireland may well play host to the biggest game of Strip-Poker on the planet. Both Paddy Power and the Guinness Book of Records people are looking into it.

Politicians in a place called Northern Ireland, after almost four years, finally returned to Stormont despite Michael Flatley upsetting some of them.

Happy Birthday Bono! Recently announced as one of 100 People Who Shape Our World by Time - and in the Heroes & Pioneers section, not Artists & Entertainers like George Clooney - Bono celebrated his 46th birthday quietly with a couple of pints with Guggi and Gavin Friday at Lillies Bordello.

Oh, and I found a tennis ball. It was practically new.


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