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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Live Irish Music in KC & KC

Scheduled Irish performers TONIGHT in Kansas City:

Bob Reeder at 7:00pm in WJMcBride's Irish Pub in KC, Kansas
Eddie Delahunt at 8:00pm in O'Dowd's on the Plaza in KC, Missouri

Choose your Kansas City. Choose an Irish Pub. Choose your State. Choose friends. Choose a whopping big musical instrument. Choose cars, bicycles, MP3 players and segways...choose hardware stores and wondering if you're Irish, Scottish or American. Choose sitting on your couch watching Feet of Flames and Riverdance. Choose your route. Choose an Irish beer. Choose a Renaissance costume. Choose an Irish singer. Choose your favourite song. Choose life.

Handy Irish Phrase: Is annamh earrach gan fuacht   (Seldom is Spring without cold)


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