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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


One of the great things about living in Dublin was the miserable weather. Often you'd find yourself with visiting friends from England or much further, who, being tourists, wanted to see the city. So you'd take them for a walk.

I'd show them Blessington Street Basin, Summerhill, Stoneybatter, Meath Street, Wexford Street, both sides of the quays, Viking and Medieval Dublin, and Georgian Dublin. Unless it rained.

Just the likely arrival of rain could drive you to the pub to talk about all the places you weren't going to see. It's a great walking city, you'd proclaim from your barstool or snug.

In a hotter than seasonably average April, we have one of those beautiful grey days here in Kansas City, Missouri, and my weather service tells me it's the same down the road in Kansas City, Kansas. Hot weather and blue skies have gone with the last storms.

So what am I saying? Get up and get out. Eddie Delahunt and friends play in KCK tonight. As Brettski noted in the comments here they might even play some songs you know by a Scottish man now an Australian resident and citizen, about Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in Turkey, or of an Irish man fighting with British forces against Germans in France.

It's a special day. WJ McBrides Irish Pub 7:00pm


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