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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bob Reeder at WJMcBride's Irish Pub

It's Wednesday so Bob Reeder is at WJ McBride's Irish Pub in the west of the KC metro area (by the KS Speedway), performing his brand of Irish ballads and tunes. Starts 7:00pm

I must confess that I did Bob a disservice regarding his St Patrick's Day Schedule. Although mere mortals might consider the three gigs I listed on Bob's schedule as a gargantuan task, I wondered if Bob was letting things slip a little, for in most years Mr Reeder somehow squeezes in four venues. Well, 2006 was actually no different. I forgot the parade.

Standing at Truman Road where the KC Parade ended last Friday I witnessed Bob finish playing his set on the Harp & Shamrock float, and leap off bound for his second gig of the day at McBride's Irish Pub with a Phil-Collins-heading-for-Philadelphia-on-the-concorde kind of urgency.


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