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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Irish Gaelic Lesson 2

Now that you mastered pronounciation from Irish Lesson #1, you're ready for Lesson 2 in Gaelic where you make your entry into the Irish language, by way of the important verb: .

serves to tell where something is or what its condition is, and therefore it has some of the functions of English "is". For example it will help you to say that Bridget is strong, should you have the need, e.g.
-Michael! Why won't ya come out and have a few pints with us?
-I can't lads; Bridget is strong

Oh and on some message boards around the country I've bumped into non-Irish people confused about the terminology describing Gaelic. Irish people call the language 'Irish' or 'Gaeilge', which is the Gaelic for Gaelic, if you follow. So Irish/Gaelic/Gaeilge all mean the exact same thing in this context.


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